You can download the latest version of AntView from the link below:

Windows Download
AntView for Windows 1.1.175
(June 7, 2022)
The installer takes care of the uninstall of older versions.

Windows Download
AntView for Windows 1.0.111-2  
(March 9, 2022)
To update, first run uninstall

This is the full version of the AntView control.

If you install AntView then it will automatically install a 30 days trial license on your behalf. With that trial license you can test if it works for you for 30 days.

After those 30 days you can still test, but it will show a popup every now & then to indicate that the control is unlicensed. There is no free version available.

If you want to use AntView in your application(s), then you can do so by buying a developer license in our webshop.