If you use a DataFlex version before DF19.1, then you have to add the following line before including the cComAntView.pkg file:

#IF (!@ < 191)
Define OLE_VT_UI8 for 21 // 8-byte unsigned int

The reasons for that is because DAW only added that declaration line to their Variants.pkg file in DataFlex 19.1. You can use it before that time as it is an existing Windows variant type. It is only the declaration itself that was missing.

Category: Examples

The examples are installed in the “C:\Users\Public\Public Documents” folder. (The location for this has changed in version 1.0.74)

Microsoft Excel is peculiar in that it keeps a cache of the interface of each ActiveX control it uses in a variety of places.
When you update to a new version of the AntView control you have to remove these cached files of the interface in order to use the update version of our control.
The file in our case is called Antview.exd and AntViewAx.exd
The most common cache file is found at: %TEMP%\VBE\
Wich in our case translates into: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\VBE

Other possible locations where a cache file might reside are:
C:\Users\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Forms\

Replace [username] with the actual Windows Username under which you are logged in.