Purchase info

If you are in Europe, then you can buy the AntView control directly via our web shop. Companies from within the EU can buy without VAT, after supplying a valid VAT tax number.
Except when your company is Dutch, as our company is Dutch as well.

If you are purchasing from outside of Europe, then you should buy via our trusted reseller Paddle. Paddle takes care of all the sales tax as is required by your country. Handling all the sales tax -followed by submitting those amounts- has become too complex for us to deal with ourselves. Paddle handles all of this, so that we can focus on the product and our customers instead.
Our web shop has a special button “Buy via Paddle” for this on the product page.

Click here to go directly to our web shop.


If you are a reseller and want to buy one or more licenses on behalf of your customers then that is possible.

Important: We need the company name of the customer in order to be able to generate a license. The license code is linked to their name. If there is no company name then use the customer’s name.

If you buy via the web shop, start by creating an account on the reseller name.
During the checkout you can add multiple addresses, one for invoice and one for delivery.
The delivery address is what we’ll use for generating the license.
Use the edit button next to addresses to add the customer’s address info as delivery address. After that you can make the payment.
We will email the license with the customer’s company name to you.

If you buy via Paddle then the first popup screen that asks for company name / user name should get the customer’s company name and/or contact name.

There are no special reseller prices.