Thank you for installing AntView version 2.0

If you have not installed Microsoft’s WebView2 control yet, then that’s the first step to take before continuing.
Please go here:
and download & install the standard webview2 runtime (tip: Use the Evergreen bootstrapper).
After that you should be able to use Antview.

Note: On Windows 11 WebView2 comes pre-installed. Windows 10 Home also has WebView2 pre-installed nowadays. Other software like MS Office 365 also installs WebView2 already.

Unless you changed the installation defaults then AntView is installed in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AntView2
The examples are installed in your Public Documents folder, eg. for me it is installed under:
C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\AntView2
This should get you going.

AntView version 2.x can be installed on the same machine as AntView version 1.x. Version 2.0 is using different files and registry entries. This also means that existing application which use AntView version 1.x need changes in order to use AntView 2.x.
For more info, please see the documentation section at our website:
https://doc.antview.dev/ or check the html help that is installed with the product.